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Greek creative cuisineVenus Restaurant, Pithagorion, Samos Island, Greece

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Samos Island
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Samos wines - Greek vineyards

Samos has been famous for it excellent wines since antiquity, what more could we do then, than base our wine list on this Priceless heritage? For us, wine is something more than ultimate accompaniment to a good meal, it is a way to live, because we are producers as well and we know the entire production process, from the vineyard to the vinification. This is why we consider an initiation to the wine sector a very important issue.

Samos wines, Greek winesGreece is a very large and varied vineyard. In our wish to create a wine list that is as complete as possible, we have enriched it with the best varieties from the whole Greece, presenting the Greek vineyard in the "leading role".


Wine List


  • Aphrodite White
  • Retsina Kourtaki
  • Samena Golden
    Samena Golden
  • Mantineia Tselepou
    Mantineia Tselepou
  • Santorini Hajidakis
    Santorini Hajidakis
  • Techni Alypias
    Techni Alypias
  • Adoli Gis Antonopoulos
    Adoli Gis Antonopoulos
  • Kyr-Gianni Chardonnay
    Kyr-Gianni Chardonnay
  • Chateau Julia Chardonnay
    Chateau Julia Chardonnay
  • Magiko Vouno
    Magiko Vouno
  • Chateau Julia Semillon
    Chateau Julia Semillon
  • Trebbiano Lazaridi
    Trebbiano Lazaridi
  • Vivlia Chora
    Vivlia Chora
  • Almyra Skoura Chardonnay


  • Selana Samos
    Selana Samos
  • Boutari Démi-Sec
    Boutari Démi-Sec
  • Akakies Kyr-Gianni
    Akakies Kyr-Gianni
  • Erodios Babajimopoulos
    Erodios Babajimopoulos


  • Aphrodite
  • Merlot Dionysus
  • Cabernet Dionysus
  • Naoussa Boutari
    Naoussa Boutari
  • Rubis Kalliga
  • Papaioannou Pinar
    Papaioannou Pinar
  • Chateau Julia Merlot
    Chateau Julia Merlot
  • Vivlia Chora
    Vivlia Chora
  • Chateau Nico Lazaridi
    Chateau Nico Lazaridi
  • Dyo Elies Kyr-Gianni
    Dyo Elies Kyr-Gianni
  • Giannakochori Kyr-Gianni
    Giannakochori Kyr-Gianni
  • Ktima Tselepoy Cabernet
    Ktima Tselepoy Cabernet
  • Ramnista Kyr-Gianni
    Ramnista Kyr-Gianni
  • Techni Alypias
    Techni Alypias