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Hellenic Creative Cuisine

Greek creative cuisineVenus Restaurant, Pithagorion, Samos Island, Greece

Garden Restaurant
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Samos Island
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At Aphrodite restaurant, we have tried to combine traditional and modern elements, by refining and evolving traditional Greek recipes. In our efforts, we have certainly been influenced by international trends, but we have also relied heavily on the unique Greek heritage and tradition.

At Aphrodite we select the freshest products for you on a daily basis, and make sure our dishes are cooked healthily, with attention to our guests’ health and nutrition. This is also why we used low acidity olive oil in all our dishes, and avoid fried meals.

Traditional Greek dishes and cuisineYou may start your culinary voyage with fresh salads and cold or warm hors d’oeuvres. Try our feta cheese with a crust of basil pesto, steamed mussels with lemon and fennel, stuffed calamari and prawns with finocchio, scented with the delectable Kozani crocus. Kleftiko lamb with mint, stewed beef, stuffed kid cooked in a wood oven, beef casserole using Grandma Stella's recipes. Lamb chops with scallions and Samos Muscat wine, pork fillet with honey and mint, chicken fillets with Kozani crocus cream, fillet with Chios mastic, fillet with parmesan and truffle oil. Our grilled meats are always delicious and juicy, while the crystal waters of Samos offers fresh fish every day for your enjoyment.

For dessert, enjoy yogurt ice cream with honey and nuts, chocolate soufflé with ice cream, chocolate mousse with dark chocolate flakes, apple pie and pannacotta with sour cherry sauce.